Friday, February 24, 2017

Top 10 Most Cited Violations

OSHA has released their list of the top 10 most cited violations for 2016. For the full story from Safety & Health magazine, click here.
  1. Fall Protection
  2. Hazard Communication
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Respiratory Protection
  5. Lockout/Tagout
  6. Powered Industrial Trucks
  7. Ladders
  8. Machine Guarding
  9. Electrical - Wiring Methods
  10. Electrical - General Requirements 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

US Navy Project Award!

We are happy to announce that Brookstone Builders has been selected to perform an expansion and renovation project by the U.S. Navy.

The undertaking will involve the interior renovation of the Crane Center in building 238 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The scope-of-work will include new walls and ceilings, HVAC and sprinkler systems, and finish work, and will double the square-footage of office space used by the shipyard’s Crane Operations personnel.

Jay Gemmiti will serve as Project Manager, and the prime contractor will be Absolute Resource Associates of Portsmouth, NH.

Dale Ciardelli of the NAVSAC will be the project’s architect.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Construction Trends

Here are 5 Commercial Construction Trends to watch in 2017. For the full article from Construct Connect, click here.
1. Improved Growth
2. Technology
3. Modular Construction
4. Labor Shortages
5. Safer Jobsites

Friday, January 27, 2017

Stay Warm!

Like it or not, winter is here and that brings cold, windy and snowy weather. Despite how cold or snowy it is, many construction projects still need to continue. Here are some tips for staying warm on a construction site in winter, from Construction World. For the full article, click here.
  1. Have a warm, dry break area
  2. Wear multiple layers of clothing
  3. Thermal and/or Wool clothing are advised
  4. Wear protective gloves
  5. Use pocket or hand warmers
  6. Wear insulated boots
  7. Wear thick or layered socks
  8. Keep head and neck covered
  9. Keep spare clothing handy
  10. Wear protective eyewear 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shipyard Project Completion

We're happy to announce the completion of a renovation project at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The initiative took place in the paint-blasting facility, also known as building 284. 

The scope-of-work encompassed select interior demolition, reconstruction of floors and utilities, lighting upgrades, the relocation of steam water and sewer systems, and the construction of a complete office building within a large existing warehouse.  The new space will accommodate the relocation of personnel from another building, at the shipyard, which was scheduled for demolition.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fun Fact!

Happy Anniversary to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper!

·         The tallest structure in the world opened on January 4, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
·         It’s held the world record since 2009 and stands 2,722 ft tall. That’s just over a 1/2 mile tall!
·         Construction took 6 years
·         Estimated total cost for the project was $1.5 billion
·         The building contains
o   57 elevators, 8 escalators and 2,909 stairs from the ground floor to the 160th floor
o   24,348 windows
o   3,331,100 square feet

Thursday, December 29, 2016

State of NH Renovation Project

We're happy to announce that we have been selected to perform a pharmacy and miscellaneous renovation project at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord. 

The project will involve the complete fit-up of a new pharmacy, the renovation of the HR office and meeting space, the construction of new A.D.A. bathrooms and a new gift shop within the 36 Clinton Street facility. 

The scope-of-work will include interior demolition; new walls, floors, and ceilings; interior finishes; and electrical, mechanical and HVAC system upgrades.

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