Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Impediments to Mitigation?

In our previous post we noted the importance and scope of mitigation. Like others we've spoken with, you might be wondering why risk-reduction and mitigation programs have not been more widely applied. 

There are several factors including denial of the risk, political will, costs and lack of funding and the taking issue. Many individuals don’t want to recognize that they or their communities are vulnerable; and, of course, recognition requires action.

Yet some people are willing to try to beat the odds and if the odds do not work in their favor they know the government will help them out. Potential liability issues are making communities more aware, media attention to disasters in this country and around the world has brought public pressure and the government has provided both incentives and penalties for taking preventive action.

Mitigation also costs money, but it is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.


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