Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Woman in Contracting

Paula Scales, President/Owner of Brookstone Builders, Inc.
Guest Speaker for, “ Women in Contracting with the Federal Government”
Wednesday, June 13 at Manchester SNHU

Why would you want the Federal Gov as a customer?
  1. The U.S. Go. Is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services.
  2. Government purchases total over $425 billion a yr.
  3. Federal agencies are required to establish small business contracting goals
Is Becoming a Government Contractor Right for you?
  1.  Can you spend the time required to identify agencies and buyers?
  2. Can your business financially support the costs involved in a government contract? 
  3. Are you prepared to learn and follow the federal procurement rules?

  1. 83 Industries Identified that will be eligible for WOSB or EDWSOB(Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Business) Set-Asides up to $5 million for manufacturing and $3 million for all other contracts
  2. 2.      Thrid party certification required or self-certification with required documents uploaded to SBA Repository website
  3. 3.      Success in contracting opportunities relies on the “Self Marketing” efforts of the firm

Will it benefit my company?
1.      Do you have a market as a prime contractor directly with the gov?
2.      Are you ready to be a contractor for the gov? Financially, past performance, etc.
3.      What industry codes will you be competing in? Will you be competing in one of the 83 industries codes?
4.      Which set-asides would be available for your industry? Which certification will you need?
Qualifying for the WSOB Program
MUST be a small business defined by their primary NACIS code unconditionally owned and controlled by one or more women that are U. S. Citizens.
1.      Must own at least 51% or more.
2.      Must be direct ownership
3.      Individuals must control the strategic policy setting, day-to-day operations.
4.      Individuals must be the highest paid employee in the firm
5.      Individuals must be the highest ranking officer in the firm
6.      Restriction on outside employment
7.      Does not require that woman have technical expertise or license but must demonstrate ultimate managerial and supervisory control over those that do
Our Firm Qualifies
1.      Read WSOB contract
2.      Registers online
Documentation needed
1.      Birth Certificate verifying U.S. Citizenship
2.      Copy of certification
3.      Trade certificate from state
4.      All Corp. information that verifies Women ownership
5.      Approved Third party certificate
First steps to Success
Identify opportunities
Do your research
Go to the pre bids
Fill out document correct
Do the follow up contacts
Keep in touch regardless of the outcome

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