Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Earthquake in ME

The Earthquake that occurred in ME last night was felt across NE.  Earthquakes, especially one of that size are rare in this area but it does remind us they can happen.  We need to be prepared for them and other natural occurrences such as large snow and ice storms, which do happen frequently in this area, and it sounds like may happen alot this winter season. So with that in mind, it  is a good time to get prepared.  You can create your own home and or office emergency kit.   Be sure you include all necessary medications and copies of all your important documents.  An escape plan is a good idea too.  You may have to leave in a moments notice and you will need supplies and important documents, so keep all of these things in one very accessible spot so you can grab and go.  If you have pets and small children be sure to think of their needs and include those items in your kit as well.

The list on the following website is a good guide for you to make your own kit.

 Earthquake Tip from a Builder:  If you should experience another earthquake in your lifetime, one of the safest places in your home or office is in a door way.  Doorways have more support and tend to be more structural secure.

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