Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brookstone Builders, Inc.-Safety

"Safety first"  We have all heard that phrase before and it should not to be taken lightly anyone in the construction industry. 

According to OSHA Workers Safety Pocket Guide, "Nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately  252, 000 construction sites across the nation on any given day.  The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries."  

With that many injuries occurring, it can be hard to keep up with the paper work involved.  Here are a few tips for the Safety Manager to consider:

1) Be organized-  Have all documents handy.  If you are the one that needs to fill out a report , be sure you have all the current forms needed to file an incident, .  You don't want to have to go back and re-collect the information simply because you had the wrong form.  Fill it out forms as completely as possible, the less blanks the better.  The more details, the better, include eye witnesses if necessary.  Be sure to get the proper spelling of those individuals involved.  You will save lots of time, and energy if you have everything in order prior to anything actually happening.  Take the time to collect the information the first time and record it correctly, again this will save you time. 

2) Educate Staff- Their are all kinds of safety seminars out there and you should participate in them.  Provide employees with handouts when available. Have employees take the First Aid and CPR course. Document the education, complete with an employee signature.

3)Use current technology- There are mobile devices with customizable and user friendly forms.  For users in the field, this is great news.  No more lugging around paper files that may get dirty or blown away on a job site.  Some of the software is designed to look like the paper form, lessening the learning curve is. 

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