Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post Nemo-Clean Up

Nemo may be long gone but the snow that was left behind will be with us for awhile.

Most of us have cleared our driveways, cars, walk-ways and stairs but there are a few other things that need to be cleared and they are just as important.

Fire Hydrants- If you have a fire hydrant in your yard, it too really needs to be cleared.  This could save lives and buildings.  If the Fire Department has to clear a path to a blocked fire hydrant this could make the difference of lives lost , and total loss of sturucture verusus  just partial damage. 

Vents- This too can be deadly if vents are clogged with snow.  Unfortunately we have been hearing about that being the case.  Walk around the building and be sure vents are clear, don't forget the vents on the roof as well.

Roofs- If snow is left on the roof it has the potential to act like a sponge absorbing any additional sleet, rain or snow. Flat roofs esepically have the potential to collaspe as they typically don't drain as well.  Be careful when clearing the roof.  If possible the best way to clear the roof is from the ground by using a roof rake. 

Sidewalks- If you have a sidewalk in front of your home and your town does not have snow clearing service then you need to clear it of snow and ice.  The streets are more narrow then usual and the snow banks are high.  It is important that walkers stay off the street and the only way they can do that is by having clear sidewalks.

Iciles- Although they look pretty they have the potential to cause alot of damage.  They can lead to ice dams which can tear down gutters, cause leaks, peeling paint, stained ceilings, wrapped floors and damp insulation which can lead to mold. They can also cause damage to people walking under them.  You want to clear them as soon as possible.  Blowing warm air on them is the best and safest way to rid your structure of them.  Knocking them down or using a chisel can also cause damage.

Storm Drains- To prevent local flooding and icing storm drains need to be cleared as well. 

Let's all work together on this large task Nemo left behind.  These are money saving as well as life saving tips that we should all practice.  With the potential of more snow, no matter the amount, it is important to take the time now to deal with all snow removal.  You don't want to be left looking back saying, "only if I had removed that snow." 

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