Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Storm Preperations for homeowners/busineowners

“The 2013 Almanac says that temperatures will be much colder this winter from the East Coast westward to a line from the Dakotas to Texas,” the OFA writes. “In every place west of this line, except for portions of the Desert Southwest, temperatures will be warmer than last winter.” -Farmers Almanac

“The coldest periods will be from Christmas through early January and in early and mid-February,” the OFA writes. “The snowiest periods will be in mid-December, just before Christmas, and in mid- to late February.”  -Farmers Almanac

So far I would say they have been pretty on about the cold here in the east, and they are pretty close with the snow predictions below. 

February 2013
4th-7th. A sharp cold front brings gusty winds, rain, and snow showers.
8th-11th. Unsettled; light snow and flurries.
12th-15th. Major Northeast snowstorm develops: some accumulations could exceed one foot; strong winds cause considerable blowing of snow.
16th-19th. Lingering snow showers, flurries.
20th-23rd. Blustery and cold.
24th-28th. A major storm over the ocean perhaps brushes the coast with light snow and gusty winds, then turning fair.- Farmers Almanac

The link below is a previous blog, give it another read before the storm moves in.

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